Mac & cheese done right

Mac and cheese is a very popular meal across America. It is a very easy and delicious meal that can be bought from a grocery store or made homemade. Mac and cheese is simply made with noodles and cheese and usually kept very basic with no extra condiments or other add ons. On occasion, sometimes things like hot dogs or ketchup are added to mac and cheese. 

Dylan Enriquez enjoying a dish of Mac and Cheese and Cottage Cheese (Charlie Kent)

I have grown up eating mac and cheese and have tried many different things in my mac and cheese. I have put anything from hotdogs to ketchup in my mac and cheese, but my favorite is mac and cheese with cottage cheese. Many people ask me how I got the idea of eating mac and cheese, but to be honest I got it from my dad. I grew up always eating it with cottage cheese and even thought it was completely normal. A couple of days ago I found out that it was actually not normal and many people thought it was disgusting. 

Mac and Cheese mixed with Cottage Cheese (Charlie Kent)

I will always love to eat mac and cheese along with cottage cheese. It may not be appealing or very delicious to others, but that does not stop me. I will as well introduce my kids to it and hope they love it as well.