Election 2020 causes confusion


Screenshot from Meet Kevin Youtube channel

Trump and Biden being somewhat civil as they debate one last time before election.

Voting for the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden came to an end on Tuesday, November 3rd. The question that is brought up throughout the country is how long it will take to get the results because of the number of early voters and mail-in ballots. 

Election night 2020 was thought to be very different from many years. The reason for this was because of the fact the winner would most likely not be known on the night of the election. This is caused by a couple of different reasons.

According to Politico, swing state glitches were expected to bring up possible re-counting. This is actually very normal even though President Trump may not agree with it at all. The elections are never finalized on the night of the election. Voting is completed on election night, but not a single state reports its final results the night of the election, instead they certify their official results days after the Election Day.

Trump has falsely claimed that it is illegal to count valid votes once election night is over. This however is wrong and dangerous with the coronavirus present. According to BBC News, the coronavirus has caused many people to vote early and use mail-in voting. Many of the mail-in ballots will not be counted until after election day causing many states. Election night was thought to be different and in fact was very different. Voters voted all day and watched as ballots were counted during the evening. 

The question now is when will the complete results come back. The states of Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina have taken their time counting ballots meticulously. Do not expect to get results from these states soon because of early voting and mail-in ballots. On top of results coming in from these states, the final results have a good chance of being taken to the Supreme Court.