Taco John’s


Avry Bailey

A simple soft shell beef taco from Taco Johns.

Taste– Overall, for being the complex taco it was, I wasn’t disappointed. I will point out there was an overload of lettuce added to my taco, which I swiftly brushed off. The meat seemed pretty legit to me, so in the end I would rate this taco a 3.5/5. Also, you cannot forget about the potato oles that come with this taco, easily a 5/5 no questions asked.


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Potato Oles😻😻😻”

— Jewelz Reed


Presentation– This category was a little iffy for me. The presentation kind of threw off the real taste of the taco. With a freshly tossed quesadilla and a little less lettuce, Taco John’s wouldn’t look too bad. Overall, I would rate the presentation a 1.5/5.


Price– Considering I came here on a Taco Tuesday, (ironic right??) the pricing was $1.19 for a single soft shell taco. Not too bad, comparing to Taco Bell’s price a whopping $1.29. I would rate the pricing for a plain soft shell taco a 4/5.


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Those potato things…”

— Nate Norvell & Larkin Lang

In the end, Taco John’s got a grand total of 9/15 and Taco Bell got a rating of 8.5/15. Although, in my opinion, I ranked Taco John’s higher, do not let my review decide for you which is more superior even though it is clearly Taco Johns;)