The Bachelorette Week 3


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Episode 3 of The Bachelorette premiered on October 27th, 2020 on ABC; this article will contain spoilers. If you missed last week’s recap it is here

Bachelorette Clare Crawley started the night off with a rose ceremony. The men got to chat with Crawley before the final roses were given out. Yosef was still upset about last week’s group date of strip dodgeball. Yosef lost his cool while talking to Crawley and went off on his true feelings about her actions. He then left before the rose ceremony.

After the trouble with Yosef, Dale found Crawley to comfort her. Crawley was happy that Dale could be a shoulder to cry on. Crawley only ended up kicking off three men at the rose ceremony.

Dale is Clare’s shoulder to cry on this week on The Bachelorette. (Fair Use From ABC)

The first date was a group date, the men were left in suspense when they didn’t hear from Crawley all day. They don’t see her because she talks with one of the previous bachelorettes, and they talk about the struggles of being The Bachelorette. In the evening Crawley came into where the men were hanging out and decided to have the after-party portion of the date instead. Before Crawley gets to talk to the men, Dale makes a speech talking about how he is making a brotherhood with the other men in the house and asks to talk to Crawley first. Crawley brings Dale to her room in the resort, where they stay for around an hour, leaving the other men by themselves. Eazy decides to go and find them, it gets super awkward after he does. Unsurprisingly Dale got the date rose. 

Then there was one-on-one with Zach J. They have a seemingly fun date by going to the resort spa and getting pedicures. Although they seem to be having a great time, Crawley admits that she was only thinking of Dale the whole time. They then go to hang out by the pool, when Crawley goes in for a kiss and abruptly pulls away. She then got frustrated and placed the blame for not kissing on him. Zach J. is sitting and ready for dinner when Chris Harrison tells him that Crawley isn’t coming to dinner and he has to go home. 

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You look like the boa constrictor from ‘The Jungle Book/’”

— Bennett

The last date is a group date with the men that didn’t go on the other dates. This date is different because the men on the date get to roast the men that aren’t. Although the roasts were all in good fun, Crawley got upset about how many were about Dale. One of the funnier roasts came from Bennett. At the after-party, Crawley talks with most of the men but is still distraught about all the roasts about Dale. She decides to keep the rose for herself, to give out at the next rose ceremony.

This episode ends with another cliffhanger teaser about next week.  The teaser explains that Crawley leaves and confirms the rumors that Crawley gets replaced. Next week will hold a very interesting turn of events.