Has the Disney magic lost it’s sparkle?


Collage created by Sydney Musatov via screenshots from the Disney+ streaming service

The Walt Disney Corporation strengthens their warning label on the above movies warning viewers of racist material.

Disney is in the process of providing strengthened warning labels on classic movies for having racist content after critics called out their latest attempt last November for being dismissive. According to NPR News, “Disney agrees,” referring to statements made that some of their finest movies “contain racist stereotypes and overtones.” 

Disney’s strengthened warning label previewing some of Disney’s classic movies cautions viewers about the potential racist offense. (Screenshot by Sydney Musatov from Disney+)

On the Walt Disney Company website, they provide further insight into what their main goals are as they grow with a devotion to maintaining a positive atmosphere for diversity and inclusion. Disney went on to say that “rather than removing this content, we see an opportunity to spark conversation and open dialogue on history that affects us all.” 

(Video from Youtube via Walt Disney Company)

Disney’s previous warning on several of their movies was much more brief; “This program is presented originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions” states NPR. After the criticism though, Disney changed it’s message to be more thorough. 

We can’t change the past, but we can acknowledge it, learn from it and move forward together to create a tomorrow that today can only dream of.”

— The Walt Disney Company

BBC News reports that other corporations, such as Warner Bros, have similar warnings in a few of their cartoons. In their opinion though, “While these cartoons do not represent today’s society, they are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed.”

Some films have gone too far though, states BBC News, and Disney has had to remove them from the streaming service such as the film Song of the South. Films that have this strengthened warning label include the following; Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, and Swiss Family Robinson.