Photo Via Gage Skidmore under the Creative Commons License
Photo Via Gage Skidmore under the Creative Commons License

Mike Pence continues to campaign despite Covid 19 battles

January 7, 2021

The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, plans to keep a busy campaign schedule this week as and has been declared an “essential worker” so that he can continue to campaign for President Trump even though several members of his staff have tested positive for Covid-19. Pence have seen a decline in support following the Covid-19 restrictions that have been reoccurring through the US.


Pence believes it’s important for him to keep campaigning even though several people around him have tested positive for the virus because there are only 8 days left before the election on November 3rd.  Many people feel that he should be under quarantine for 14 days which would be following the CDC guidelines but the Vice President says he has tested negative and will continue his busy schedule from now until election day.

Infectious disease specialist Saskia Popescu of George Mason University says Pence’s plan to campaign under such circumstances is “grossly negligent.”  Over 225,000 American’s have died from complications of the corona virus since it first hit our shores last February. Since then, masks have been mandated almost everywhere in the US.

“It is for the sake of others that we try and eradicate this disease” says Saskia Popescu of George Mason University.

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