Netflix’s ‘La Revolution’: a surprise October hit


Caleb LaFleur

Netflix’s La Revolution is a retelling of the french revolution with a dark twist to it. It is perfect for October!

On October 16th, Netflix released La Revolution. An original series set in an alternate 17th century France. The show is a beautiful blend of romance, mystery, thriller, horror, and politics. The series follows Joseph Guillotin as he discovers blue blood, a new disease that is spreading and causing the noble to attack the aristocracy. 

The show opens with a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte, “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Immediately the show suggests that this is not the French Revolution of which we are aware. Following the quote, a man can be seen being shot at as he flees while firing his gun. A bullet strikes him and the viewer watches as blue blood emerges from the wound rather than the typical red. A few moments later the body collapses next to a pool of red blood. It is here that the viewer truly realizes just how strange this actually is. 

The soundtrack and the acting are top-notch. The show was originally shot in French; however, there is an option to watch it in British English.

This show was released at the perfect time as Halloween is not far off and in a way this is a show about zombies.

Granted, that is a very poor way of describing the plot, but if any more were to be stated, that would unveil massive spoilers. If this has sounded interesting in any way, then I implore you watch this series, or at least the trailer