Down to the sea…

There is a curse amidst the halls of Highmoor Manor, with a family trying to figure out what is happening. Annaleigh has only known her life in her sheltered home by the sea, with her sisters, veiled under the black of mourning. Her life started off with 12 girls roaming the home, now with 4 of her sisters passing away under strange circumstances, Annaleigh must find a new way to learn how to live, while trying to navigate her life under so much loss.

We, the people of the salt, commit these bodies back to the sea.”

— Erin A Craig

As more sisters drop dead, Annaleigh begins to think that these deaths were no accident, and when a new stranger comes into town, Annaleigh decides she is going to get to the bottom of everything, but will she be able to figure out what’s happening before the ghosts of her sisters get to her first?

House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig gives twists and turns in every page. It goes along with Annaleigh, the now second eldest sister still alive, who fears she might be next to join her older sisters. With having so many people in this book Craig does a wonderful job making sure that it is never too confusing to follow. Also the author makes the main character someone who is relatable, but also letting them have flaws within themselves, which makes them seem even more real.

This book has a great, and dark atmosphere that carries this story from being childish, to creating an overall scary feeling. This book is well written, and it explains everything about this world and time era that makes you feel as though you have really entered the story for yourself, and the only problem will be if you can make it out of this one alive. This book is great for anyone who likes to mix fantasy with a little horror, as it deals with dancing princesses, but also murder and ghosts.

The shores of Highmoor will drag you in along with the current (Christa Weide )

Now while this book is a great read, of course it can’t be without some flaws. Personally, I thought that Craig should’ve ended the book a couple chapters before the actual end. This author ties everything up into a nice little bow, but that doesn’t really fit with the atmosphere of the book. Of course the main character does get to have the life she wanted, and I’m not here saying that the main character should’ve had a sad life, but it would kind of add more to the story.

By having everything tie up nicely, it makes it seem like there were no consequences with what happened in the book, and let’s be honest with ourselves that’s not real life. Now of course this is a fantasy book, so I guess realism isn’t something that is the main focus, but that’s a different issue. 

Throughout this whole story deals with mystery and uncertainty, but by not having an open ending it takes away from the everything that this author was building up to. While this isn’t something that is devastating, it is a little disappointing because I wanted there to be an ending that reflected the book most fittingly, and I believe that this ending wasn’t the right one to put in there. Craig does a wonderful job with her world building, some of the best that I have read, but it all crumbles right before the ending, which is very disappointing. 

The Highmoor Manor carries many secrets behinds it’s walls, just waiting for someone to unlock the door. (Christa Weide )

While having the ending plateau a bit, that doesn’t take anything away from how well Craig builds up the rest of the book, with the world she creates, and the atmosphere that she spreads throughout the pages of this story, this is still a great read. Anyone who like horror books, (well let’s be honest it’s a young adult book, so like not really horror, but that’s not important right now) would appreciate this, but also those who want to read fantasy, it’s a great mix between both. I would give it a 7/10 and if you wanted to check this scary story out for yourself you can get it here, just make sure you leave the lights on tonight.