Colleges across the United States are facing lawsuits from students demanding refunds due to Covid shutdown


Sydney Musatov

Colleges all across the United States are facing difficulties with students demanding refunds for not holding up to the promised education with Coronavirus shutdown.

Nearly 750,000 students have filed lawsuits against the wide spectrum of colleges demanding either refunds or lower tuition from the abrupt change to online classes that began during last year’s spring semester with Covid. Numerous students believe that colleges are breaching their contracts “by failing to provide an agreed-upon service in exchange for an agreed-upon price, and that the schools were unjustly enriched by retaining those funds,” states The San Diego Union-Tribune. 

This issue hits home for Minnesotans because after receiving much backlash from students, the University of Minnesota issued 100% credit through the Comprehensive Student Refund Plan “for charges related to student housing and university services,” explains CBS Minnesota. This refund being much larger than the initial reimbursement earlier in the year of only $1,200. 

The University of Minnesota, according to CBS News,  is one of several that have “refunded payments after being pressured by students”, while many other universities are still in the legal process. 

Numerous colleges across the United States have already made plans with their student body about what types of refunds will be made available to them concludes The Martin Center and Lifestyle.

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