Sartell Highschool Sends Students on a Quarantine Quest!


Created by Caleb LaFleur via Canva

This activity was organized by a small group of students in the Sartell High School Student Council. The comittee, headed by Alice Colatrella hopes that the activity can bring entertainment to students as they move from hybrid to distance learning.

sartell high school’s student council has created a Unique online scavengeR hunt to enteRtain its students this November! it is Open to alL students. the first student to submit all 5 clue answers to a google form will receive a everybody sized tub of coldstone icecream. students will be able to atTempt one clue each day. they will be released at the beginning of each school day. so, unless a studenT starts later in the schOol week, they will have to wait until tomorrow In order to atteMpt the next clue. nOne of the clues will be connected and each one will lead the student to one specific Word.

if you haven’t given it a try yet and would like to do so, then you can here.