The Bachelorette Week 2


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Episode 2 of The Bachelorette premiered on October 20th, 2020 on ABC; this article will contain spoilers.

This week the season 16 bachelorette, Clare Crawley, had three dates planned: two group dates and the first one-on-one of the season. Here is the link with all the men on this season for reference, if you’ve never watched.

Crawley’s first date was the group date, the men on this date were: Riley, Jordan, Yosef, Ivan, Ben, Bennett, Zac C., Zach J., and Dale. On the date, Crawley wanted to focus on love languages. She made the men talk to her about how they feel about her, get her a present from their rooms, and had them be blindfolded and give each other hugs. This was one of the most awkward parts of the night. After the date, they had the “after-party,” where the men had the opportunity to get closer to Crawley. After Crawley made her toast, there was a very awkward silence which she broke by asking if the men wanted to talk to her one-on-one. Bennett stepped up to the plate and started apologizing to her for not jumping to go with her because he was having so much fun bonding with the other men. This made Crawley very upset. She went back to where the group was and asked if they were really there for her or to make new friends. Yosef said that he was speaking for the group when saying that they weren’t sure it was time to take Crawley; Riley got mad at this comment because he can speak for himself. After Riley pulled himself together, he charmed Crawley by dancing with her which won him the date rose, ensuring that he would be back next week. 

Next was the one-on-one date. The chosen man for this date was Jason. Crawley wanted him to get very

Jason was chosen by Clare Crawley this week for the one-on-one date. (Fair Use Photo From ABC)

vulnerable on their first date. To start off the date, they decided to scream at a mountain to get out all the things they had pent up inside themselves. Crawley then had them write out the reasons that their past relationships hadn’t worked out on a rock type material. She put words like “needy” and “hard to love,” while he put words like “manipulative” and “can’t love.” After they wrote out their insecurities going into this new relationship, they decided to smash the rocks that they wrote on so they could start over. They sat and talked some more about how empowered Crawley felt after how she reacted to being rejected on Juan Pablo’s season. When she was done rehashing the past, she pulled out the dress she wore the day she was rejected and burned it in the bonfire they had. Jason accepted the date rose from Crawley. The date ended with them feeling closer to each other and made Crawley feel secure in their relationship.

The final date of the night was a group date, the men on this date were the rest of the men that hadn’t gone out yet. The men were split into two teams, red and blue, for a couple of games of dodgeball. Right before they started playing Crawley announced that they were going to be playing strip dodgeball. The red team won the first game, having the blue team play shirtless for the second game. The red team won the second game, making the blue team play without their socks on; while the red team is still fully clothed. Shockingly, the red team won again, causing the blue team to lose their shorts with them wearing such revealing underwear that they had to be blurred out. Crawley decided to make the game a little more fair by making the red team take off their shirts for the fourth game. The red team took the win and Crawley forced the blue team to walk back to the resort that they were staying at without their clothes on. The red team however got to get dressed into nicer clothes for the after-party. When the blue team got back to the group of men, everyone was shocked that Crawley would humiliate the other men that way and not even let them go to the after-party. Yosef in particular got very upset because his daughter watches the show and puts himself in their positions; thinking that he wouldn’t want her seeing him in that state. Blake Moynes, who was on the blue team, was petty that he didn’t get to go to the after-party; so he crashed it. Crawley had two really nice and promising talks with Eazy and Chasen right away; not preparing her for what was going to happen next. Crawley was talking with Jay when Blake came into the room; after Jay

Blake Moynes interrupted Clare and Jay while they were talking after the group date. (Fair Use Photo From ABC)
Jay’s conversation with the bachelorette, Clare Crawley, when Blake Moynes walked into the room. (Fair Use Photo From ABC)

left, he told the other men what had happened. The audience didn’t really get to see what Crawley and Blake talked about, mostly because it was cut short by all of the men at the after-party coming into the room and asking Blake why he was there. Crawley asked the men to leave so she could finish her conversation with Blake. She told him that he lost and it wasn’t okay to break the rules to see her. To end the after-party, Crawley talked to Brandon. She asked him why he came on the show, and he said that he thought that she was pretty and wanted to get to know her. This made Crawley upset, she was mad because he didn’t do any research on her before coming on the show. Brandon’s defense was that he came on the show to get to know her. This again was not satisfactory to Crawley, causing her to send him home right after their conversation. The date was officially ended by Chasen getting the date rose. 

We got to see the start of the next rose ceremony when Crawley asked to talk to Blake Moynes. She talked about how admirable she found him showing up, and didn’t want him to worry about the rose ceremony and gave him his rose then. The last person she talked to was Dale, they related how their previous relationships have ended; then Crawley surprised him with the blindfolds that they used on the first group date and then they proceeded to kiss blindfolded. After this sweet moment, the audience received a teaser trailer for next week’s episode. 

The drama is only starting on this season of The Bachelorette. It will be a very eventful season with a monsoon of chaos.

Clare Crawley standing with all the men who are fighting to be her husband. (Fair Use Photo From ABC)