Are there ghosts at SCSU?


Old Main Building (1874), exterior, St. Cloud State University, 1887? Photo Read More: Meet the Ghosts of St. Cloud State University |

Riverview is one of the oldest buildings on the SCSU campus.


Students from St. Cloud State University in Central Minnesota are reporting ghost sightings. A girl from this area, Abbey, interviewed students who have admitted to seeing these ghosts. These stories automatically have me intrigued, and could potentially change your thoughts on ghosts.


Without further ado, let’s meet the ghosts and their stories.


1. Shoemaker Hall Ghost

The first ghost lives in Shoemaker Hall. This Hall consists of three wings and 13 floors. Here it is believed a pregnant student hung herself, in a meat locker, after having an affair with the janitor. This ghost is known for moving objects, making the clocks flash wrong numbers, and gives students that feeling of presence above them when sleeping.


2. Riverview Hall Ghost

This hall consists of English department offices and foreign language laboratories. A female ghost was roaming and opening doors, and the sound of high heels clicking on the floor. From 1911-1958 this building was once for K-9th graders. Along with that, there is a known little boy who walks down the halls bouncing a ball. For more on this story visit, It Happened Here.


3. 19th Century Soldier of Liberty

James W. Miller, an intern at the time had caught a glimpse of this ghost who is seen as a soldier in military clothing, walking up and down the halls. SCSU is said to have been built over a graveyard.


4. Lawrence Hall Ghost

Laurence Hall is the oldest hall on campus. This story is about a janitor who had killed two instructors at the time. According to Haunted Places, there have been sightings of an old bald man, with a flashlight in hand.