Death toll continues to rise as tropical storm approaches southeast Asia


Judgefloro licensed under CC by SA 4.0

Tropical storms can wreak havoc on the people who live close to the coast.

Floods and heavy rains have been ravaging the southeast regions of Asia, and large floods have been forming, resulting in dozens of deaths since the beginning of this month. 

Since the dawn of October, heavy rainstorms have been stirring up in southeast Asia, and in recent weeks, they have resulted in heavy water damage and, in more extreme cases, the deaths of several people in Cambodia and Vietnam. 

As reported by ABC News, while fewer than 100 people have been killed by these floods and torrents of rain, thousands are now homeless as a result. Alongside those reported dead, 13 are still missing, meaning that the death toll could realistically be a bit larger than is officially known. 

In response, the Cambodian government has dispatched roughly 200,000 soldiers to the most adversely affected areas of the floods to assist those in need. It is unclear how long these floods may or may not last, but the damages are already concerning. 

With Tropical Storm Nangka well on its way toward the area, it is likely that these floods are only going to worsen, and as such, evacuation orders could be issued shortly. Till then, all that can be done is manage the already-extant issues at hand.