Trick or Treating during a pandemic can be, well, tricky


Caleb LaFleur

Halloween is a annual tradition that dates back over 2,000 years. Could the current pandemic possibly change that?

Halloween is very quickly approaching. The world is currently amidst a global pandemic, and many are wondering what trick or treating will look like this year as no one wants to get sick. On  September 21st, the Center for Disease Control released its recommendations on how to partake in a “safe” trick or treating experience.

The CDC has evaluated and listed three different models of ways to engage in this annual tradition and the risk level associated with them. The first is High Risk. This includes all classic Halloween activities. Door to door trick or treating, trunk or treating, haunted houses, and hayrides.

The next level is Moderate Risk. Activities that involve this level of endangerment include outdoor Halloween movie screenings (it is recommended that more than six feet of distance are placed between everyone so that if there is screaming there is a lower chance of spreading a respiratory virus). Outdoor one-way walkthrough haunted forests, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards that require sanitation, outdoor costume parties while wearing a cloth mask (not a Halloween mask), a small group get together, participating in trick or treating with pre-done goodie bags created by someone who sanitized well before preparation. All of these activities expect you to follow social distancing and mask-wearing procedures, even when outdoors. For more info on safety precautions to take during the pandemic click here.

The final risk assertion level is Low Risk. Activities at this level include carving pumpkins in your home with family members or with friends outdoors while socially distanced, virtual costume contests, decorating your current living space, a scavenger hunt where from a distance, children observe their neighbor’s decorations and attempt to cross off a list, or a scavenger hunt with your family members in and around your home.

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