Siblings of Sartell: Emma and Grace Ritter


Kira Workman

Emma and Grace, sisters enjoying coffee together at Caribou.

You hate them. You love them. You are forced to be around them. They live under the same roof as you and eat the same food as you. I think you know whom I am talking about. Siblings.

Emma is a junior this year at Sartell High School, and Grace is an incoming freshman. Emma and Grace have always been really close and love to spend time together (when they aren’t fighting about clothes). Activities they do together include shopping, taking pictures, and getting Starbucks. I interviewed Emma and Grace to find out more about their relationship.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

Grace: “Going on drives together or going to get food.”

Emma: “Going shopping”


Q: What is something your sibling does that annoys you the most?

Grace: “She steals my clothes without asking”

Emma: “When she wears my clothes”


Grace is my best friend.”

— Emma Ritter


Q: What is your favorite thing about each other?

Grace: “How protective she is over me”

Emma: “How trustworthy and loyal she is”


Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Grace: “ We got really competitive over badminton in our driveway.”

Emma: “Our pet guinea pig got stuck in a toy car and we both started crying”


Q: Who do you think the favorite child is?

Grace: “Emma”

Emma: “Me”

Q: What do you guys have in common?

Grace: “ We both care about school/grades”

Emma: “Sense of style”


I look up to my sisters a lot”

— Grace Ritter


Q: Describe each other in one word?

Grace: “Honest”

Emma: “Goofy”


Q: Are you closer now than you were when you were younger?

Emma: “ I would say yes cause now we have a lot more similar interests”

Grace: “ Yeah, when we were younger we were close because we were sisters but now we’re close because we are friends and sisters”