A new, long-term effect of Covid-19 is being studied


Photo via TMJ4 under the Creative Commons license

Close up of what the COVID-19 virus looks like.

For most people, specialists have found Covid-19 is like every other sickness, brief with light symptoms, but more recently, they have found lasting symptoms which they now call “long Covid.”

These long-lasting symptoms include fatigue, persistent pain, and breathlessness for months. When it comes to Covid-19 the focus is based on saving lives, but now they are finding long term outcomes. 

What is long Covid? There is no definitive answer or medical definition. Those who are experiencing long term Covid, have all had very different results. Although, these patients all relate when it comes to crippling fatigue. The BBC interviewed a long-Covid patient, Jade Gray-Christie, and she said, “My fatigue was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I don’t have a life, I currently have an existence.” 

Long Covid can last for months, but when it slows down you are still at risk of lifelong health problems. A professor from the University of Exeter, who is currently examining long-Covid patients says, “We’ve got no doubt long-Covid exists. 

A study of 143 people in Rome’s biggest hospital was studied after they were dismissed. 87% of these people had at least one symptom at least 2 months after they were discharged, states the BBC. Also, it appears you do not need severe Covid to get this recurring long-Covid. 

There are many questions up in the air about this long Covid. Including, how is this virus causing long Covid, is this unusual, and will people fully recover. This virus may be cleared, but covid can continue to linger in small pockets in your body. This can alter an organ’s function, metabolism, and changes in brain structure. The amount of people with long Covid are seeming to fall off with time. 

What should you do if you think you have long-Covid? The NHS (National Health Service) provides a “Your Covid recovery plan” based on what treatment you need, which includes place yourself, plan your days, and prioritize.