The popular Netflix series ‘All American’ release date is causing commotion


Kendal Coffin

All American is based on a football players life history.

Fans from all over the world are questioning whether or not the release for season three of the Netflix original, All American stands due to unprecedented times in the world. 

Season three of All American is supposedly set to hit Netflix on October 8th, 2020 but with all that is happening in the world, critics are unsure. Season one was released in October 2018 and season two was released in October 2019. This gives reason to believe that the creators of All American have full intentions of releasing season three in October as well.

Season two ended with a bang causing lots of assumptions to be made and letting the viewers’ minds run.  All American fans are hoping for the October release so their unanswered questions are resolved. Some sources say if the series is not released in October viewers can be hopeful for an early January 2021 release. 

All American is a Netflix original based on a real story. The series goes in-depth about the life of Spencer Paysinger, Spencer James in the series. The series shows the adversity he had to overcome and the hardships he faced while chasing his dreams.  All that drama leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. Spencer James is played by a British actor, Daniel Ezra. Ezra does a great job of portraying his character. Many other actors and actresses including Michael Evans Behling and Jordan Belfi help create this popular Netflix show.

Fair Use Photo From CW
All American Season 1 trailer for new viewers.