Insomnia Cookies? Yes or no?


Taylor Vos

The Insomnia Cookies building as you walk up at night.

Insomnia Cookies is a cookie bakery located in downtown Saint Cloud, where you can get warm delicious cookies delivered to you even at 3 AM, it is the only place in Saint Cloud to do this. At Insomnia Cookies, you can get cookies, ice cream, and milk. Off the menu, you can get cookies, ice cream and cookie sandwiches, cookie cakes, brownies, just ice cream, water, and milk.

This place is very unique since they have many flavors of cookies and new ones coming out a lot. Right now they have some new fall flavors that include oatmeal chocolate walnut, confetti deluxe cookie, and salted caramel.

When going here you really can’t be disappointed; there are so many different options. I have gone to Insomnia cookies quite a few times with my friends and have always enjoyed it. I would rate this place a 10/10 for the variety they have, the cookies are fresh, and they stay open quite late.