Covid changes hunting in 2020


Charlie Kent

Though hunting has been pressured to change for the 2020 season, it’s still possible to be successful!

Hunting season in Minnesota is now in full swing and seeing a lot of change due to Covid.

Hunters are being impacted in positive and negative ways that they have never seen in the past years. Because of Covid people are getting outside and hunting more too. This is causing the use of public land to sky rocket and make it super pressured.

An easy morning hunt during the 2020 season. (Charlie Kent )

The more pressured public hunting land is, the harder it is for people to kill what they are hunting for. This also causes hunting public land more dangerous for some. The more people on a piece of land can cause the chances of someone getting into an accident higher.

Hunting has also been affected because of the Canadian borders being shut. People are not able to go into Canada. This causes the amount of guided trips in Canada to go down. Because of this, the amount of ducks to migrate to the United States has skyrocketed. These ducks also have not been shot at, allowing them to get closer for hunters to kill them. 

We were lucky during the Minnesota Duck Opener 2020. (Charlie Kent)