A New Way to Help Our Planet

With the arctic ice melting more every year, many have tried to come up with a way to preserve what we have left. One non-profit, called the Arctic Ice Project, has come up with an idea that might be able to save this frozen tundra. It’s as simple as little tiny glass beads, put onto thin ice to make it more reflective.

This material is hollow glass beads, that resemble a light dusting of snow. Their goal is to create this material in order to create a more reflective surface on this area, which might be the way that they keep the heat from trapping onto the Earth. This “glass” is really made mostly of silica, and is safe for animals and the environment, as many species actually ingest silica regularly. This material would be dispersed in limited locations throughout the Arctic, so that when the sunlight hits the ice, more will be reflected off of the surface. Since there will be more light being reflected off of the surface, and the Earth won’t absorb as much heat. This is one way to make the Arctic cooler, and also a way that could eventually reverse some effects from global warming.

The Arctic Ice Project has tried to come up with a new way to help the Earth as we still have it today, while this has not been in full effect, this might be a new way to help the planet that we all live on. As they go forward with their research, the way that we save our planet might change as we know it.