Strategies for Bowhunting Deer in Early Season


Callan Miller

This is the buck I shot this bow season. I shot him on opening day of the 2020 season.

Callan Miller, Journalist


Callan Miller
This is a big buck in a clover plot I planted this summer. (Callan Miller)

Bow hunting deer at the beginning of season can be very rewarding, but can be very challenging as well. I have been bow hunting for 4+ years now and wanted to share some tips that I have learned. I have been bow hunting in a couple states but normally just Minnesota.

One really easy way to get the deer to where you want them is making a food plot. A food plot is the best tactic I have learned in my years of bowhunting. A food plot is a small or big area where you plant some sort of vegetation that deer like to eat. The plant that I like to plant every year is clover and brassicas.  This is the link to where you can buy clover and what I use. Clover Seed


This is the bow I use for early season deer hunting. (Callan Miller)

Early season deer do not like to walk around during the day because it is so hot, so they tend to come and eat when the sun goes down. When the sun goes down and it starts getting cooler is when all the deer move to go eat. This is when a food plot is helpful.  If you have a food plot, they will come and eat right before dark.


If you can’t plant a food plot, you can figure out where some oak trees are or fruit trees, like apple trees, and sit around there. Deer will eat the fruit and the acorns daily, so if you can find a lot of acorns or any other area they feed that would be the perfect spot.


Another thing you can do is put out a mineral block and other minerals. Deer are like most other animals, they enjoy licking salt/mineral blocks in the early season. I have had lots of success with mineral blocks, my go-to is Trophy Rock. Trophy Rock

Another tactic is to sit by water if you have any.  Deer will be extra thirsty in the early months of the season because it is so hot out.

Hopefully, some of these tips help you out in the future when you’re hunting.

Callan Miller
This is another big buck in that same food plot, licking the Trophy Rock. (Callan Miller)