A Day in the Life of a First Grader


Kendal Coffin

This first grader is dressed and ready for school

Kendal Coffin, Journalist

We often get so wrapped up in our own crazy everyday lives, that we don’t think about how others spend their days.  Practicing putting yourself in other people’s shoes is a helpful skill that keeps you empathetic and thinking about others.

Today I want you to remember back to elementary school…

This young lady spends her day at our local elementary school. Kyler starts her day at “six O ten o’clock.” Kyler puts on her clothes and heads upstairs to eat. She chooses a very nutritious breakfast including cereal and goldfish. The cereal being Captain Crunch of course! Once she is finished eating, she heads to the bathroom to get her hair done. Kyler can’t go a minute without watching Youtube videos so the Ipad comes along. Kyler brushes her teeth, grabs her bag, and heads to school on the bus. 

Once Kyler is at school she sees all of her friends. The class then goes about their business doing first-grade things. After a few hours at school, it’s time for lunch. Kyler said, “We eat lunch in our classroom with our privacy folders.” She explains that she was excited about lunch because they had Italian Dunkers which are her favorite. 

Kendal Coffin

Kyler said the coolest part of her day was having two classmates lose teeth. Kyler said the easiest thing she did was art. She makes super cool drawings. She then explained that her favorite part of the day is “picking the super printer.” The super printer is the student with the most legible handwriting on that day. The students can win prizes like small toys and candy from their teacher. Kyler said she hasn’t been the super printer yet but she thinks she will on Monday. Kyler’s least favorite part of her school day was gym. She said, “We don’t even get to play games, we just have to do pushups and stuff.”

Kendal Coffin

Kyler comes home on the bus and has a snack. Later in the night two of her friends come over while her sister babysits them. Kyler and her friends watched movies, ate popcorn, and played outside. Kyler said she had a good day overall except for gym.