One positive COVID case in the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District


Taylor Vos

Pleasant View Elementary school has had to shut down due to COVID.

Taylor Vos, Journalsit

This is what the playground looks like right now since there are no students.
Photographed by Taylor Vos.

The superintendent of Sauk Rapids-Rice School District, Brad Berstrom, reports that there was one positive COVID test at Pleasantview Elementary School on September 17, 2020, states KNSI.

Pleasant View has added to their protocol that custodial staff will be increasing disinfectant procedures, cleansing quite often high-touch areas such as door handles, hand railings, desks and bathrooms.

The swings sit still at Pleasant View Elementary.
Photographed by Taylor Vos.

Another thing that they are doing is district administration and human resources are monitoring illness trends more. To prevent the spread, Brad Berstrom said “If a child comes to school, and they are showing one or more of the more common symptoms, or two or more of the less common symptoms, everybody in the household will have to go home until such time as the quarantine time period has ended, which is 14 days, or there is an alternative diagnosis.”

A look on the elementary school that can't be used right now due to COVID.
Photographed by Taylor Vos.
The slides stay unused.
Photographed by Taylor Vos.