High school fall football season returned?


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Sabre football is back and fans are excited.

Taylor Vos, Journalist

Uniforms that represent who every football player plays for.
Photographed by Taylor Vos.

On Monday, September 21 there was another meeting with the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) to revote on whether or not there will be a fall football season.

The Pioneer Press reported On August fourth, 2020 that the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) voted and decided to move the football season to the spring. As a result, many athletes and parents were frustrated.

However recently there have been a lot of people protesting about not having a football season in the fall. From this anger, three high school athletes have sued MSHSL saying it violates its own rules by changing its bylaws.

This led to a meeting on Tuesday at 9 am. In the meeting, they decided to take a revote on whether or not to start up football this fall.

If they vote yes then football games could start as early as two weeks from this Friday. The new voting will be held on Monday, September 21.