Sartell Schools return back to school after six months


Kira Workman

Students walk into Sartell High School ready for hybrid learning

Kira Workman, Journalist

Sartell Schools return back to school with a hybrid learning model in early September because of the covid-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, September 8th Sartell students entered the school to learn for the first time in five and a half months.

On the eighth of September, only the incoming ninth graders went to school for the annual ninth grade orientation “Sabre Splash.” On the ninth, the hybrid model came into play and students with the last name starting with A-K went to school for orientation from their teachers on how to stay safe at school during the covid-19 pandemic. Students with the last name starting with L-Z attended school on the tenth and went through the same orientation.

On Friday the 11th, all students were distance learning online. As the number of covid-19 cases fluctuates, the learning model for students can change between the three different models. The three models are everyone back in-person, a hybrid model where only half of the students are at school, and full time distance learning from home.

The school districts are basing their numbers off of how many cases are in the county their school is in. Every two weeks the school district will reevaluate the numbers in the county and chose what learning plan they will be doing for at least the next two weeks.

While in the school, the students are required to wear masks during all their classes and have to do their best on staying six feet away from other students and staff. There can be no more than two students to a table in classrooms and no more than three people to a table in the cafeteria.