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What’s with ‘Cancel Culture’?

September 21, 2020

‘Cancel Culture’ has been going around the internet, and it has been affecting anyone who shares a belief or opinion on social media. This trolling has been going on for quite some time, yet not a lot of people are talking about it.

According to, the definition for ‘cancel culture’ is defined as a “popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive…”

One particular celebrity that is a victim of cancel culture is JK.Rowling, most known for being the author of the “Harry Potter” series. After she tweeted something that made her fans fuming, she has not been able to get out of the spotlight. In June of 2019, JK Rowling clapped back at a publication who said “people menstruate” instead of “women” like Rowling believed. This led to people calling her ‘transphobic’ and many ended up boycotting her books. That summer there was a steep drop in sales of the “Harry Potter” series. Despite all this, Rowling still stands by her opinion. On June 10th, she wrote an essay about her tweet. She mentioned “I know and love trans people;”‘ however, she said that her tweet was about gender transitioning which still didn’t leave fans satisfied.

Another example is Shane Dawson, a popular YouTuber. His past seemed to catch up with him as he suddenly got ‘canceled’ for compilation videos of pedophilia jokes, blackface, and many other disturbing problems. It didn’t help his case when he posted a YouTube video slamming the make-up community and saying James Charles “needed to be served a slice of humble pie” which then caused fans to start accusing Shane as using the makeup community as a “cash grab.” Since then, more and more people have come out with things that he’s done in the past. This all happened within a few days, and it was deemed ‘Karmageddon’ by Tati Westbrook, who was also in drama with James Charles.  She came out and said that Shane and Jeffree Star pushed her to send out the video of James. Since ‘Karmegeddon,’ Shane’s cameraman quit, he lost over a million subscribers and he hasn’t posted a YouTube video in two months.

An unexpected celebrity, Brendon Urie, was canceled for past videos and tweets where he has talked about numerous things that are offensive and racist. In recent times, there were allegations about his bodyguard quitting over bullying and sexual harassment. Brendon has not come out with any kind of statement during this time, angering fans. Since then, old tweets and videos of Brendon have resurfaced; he also has not commented on any of that. Although some fans were quick to defend Urie by saying his “behavior was taken too seriously.”

There’s one thing that is missing in ‘cancel culture’ and that is forgiveness and especially acceptance. This society has made it very hard for you to express your opinions and emotions without getting hate. Well-known people have given their apologies for their past tweets or posts, yet they are still hated. Some even have ruined careers over a tweet that’s ten years old for example. People just think that they are right and do not want to think about any other option, which is a very big problem in this world.

Many feel silenced to not show their political or personal beliefs. Many feel they are walking on eggshells for posting things that are out of their comfort zones. Even if we don’t like someone’s opinion, just accept it. We are all individuals, we’re all unique with different opinions on everything. So why get riled up over a belief that you have no control over? We need to spread awareness that all voices are welcome, that all opinions are welcome. This world would be a little better if people could feel comfortable for using their right to say what’s on their mind.


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