Should We Dump Trump?

A pandemic known as Covid-19 struck the world in 2020. Going against his own restrictions, on September 14th, Donald Trump held a campaign rally indoors in Nevada. He has also admitted to deliberately playing down the threat of the coronavirus: “I always wanted to play it down… I don’t want to create a mass panic.”

Not long after the recordings of Trump’s statement were released, he claimed that he ‘up played’ the virus with his actions. However, this is more than likely just another claim. After all, according to The Washington Post, in just 1,267 days, Trump made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims. With that statistic having been released, how do the people know if they can trust him?

He is also known for not believing in climate change. When provided with scientific facts he responded, “I don’t think that even science knows what’s going on.”

President Trump has also been trying to end Obamacare amidst this pandemic. According to The White House,Obamacare is hurting American families, farmers, and small businesses with skyrocketing health insurance costs. Moreover, soaring deductibles and copays have made already unaffordable plans unusable. Close to half of U.S. counties are projected to have only one health insurer on their exchanges in 2018. Replacing Obamacare will force insurance companies to compete for their customers with lower costs and higher-quality service. In the meantime, the President is using his executive authority to reduce barriers to more affordable options for Americans and U.S. businesses.”

Trump has also made multiple misogynistic comments about women. (Since I am writing this article for a school newspaper, I am unable to quote him on these statements. However, at your discretion, you may read some of them here.)

He has also made countless racial comments towards a large variety of races. While the United State’s current President claims that he is “the least racist person,” the evidence begs to differ. According to Vox, he has had a long history with racism, all starting in the 70s. Donald’s administration also does not believe in systemic racism.

The 44th U.S. president has also refused USPS funding in attempts to fight mail-in voting. In response, postmaster General Louis DeJoy stated, “As we head into the election season, I want to assure this committee and the American public that the Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on time.”