Gym re-opens under close watch of cops


Screenshot from Atilis gym website

New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith said he was going to open even though NJ is still under a stay-at-home order.

On Monday a New Jersy gym owner re-opened after complying with the stay-at-home order for three months to help flatten the curve the residents are “sick and tired” with the order and their rights being taken away from them.

Ian Smith the owner of Atilis Gyms said in an interview with Fox News that the decision was made by him and his family and the input that the community had on him. Smith vowed to keep the gym open even with the police presence trying to shut him down to obey with the stay at home order.

Smith also has made many changes to the gym such only letting in a few members at a time as well as taking temperatures at the doors and anyone with a fever of over 100.4 will not be allowed into the gym until the fever has been gone for at least 48 hours. One of the biggest challenges with the gym is people using the same machines after someone else has used it and not wiped it down.  They sought to combat this with giving each person their own bottle of disinfecting spray and a roll of paper towels to wipe down their equipment before and after each use.

This is all too real as many small business owners are feeling the effects of the stay at home order and how it affects them and their business.  Smith said that “Our sales have been down 80% for the gym. The only thing that we can do is sell supplements online. This is the main reason we’re even allowed to still pay our employees.” 

They plan on opening to the general public on Thursday. Even with the police presence, they still will be there and fighting for their rights. Smith believes that this is unfair for them to not let him open even though the gym will follow all social distancing guidelines and many other policies help stop the spread many of the other big box stores are open and they are not doing as much to combat the virus.

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