Drone usage during the Coronavirus pandemic


Image used under the creative commons license

Drones around the country are being used to help fight the pandemic.

All over the globe countries are using drones to accomplish tasks that would be otherwise impossible without the use of these machines. Drones are being used for delivering packages as well as important supplies that are used for testing in developing countries. Drones are also being used for surveillance and enforcing social distancing in public, and are even being used as testing and monitoring devices for the pandemic.

While many people debate the ethics of the usage of drones, especially when there is the concern of the drones being used to spy on people, most would consider the usage a smart and safe idea.

In the U.S. drones have been deployed in the state of Connecticut to detect symptoms as well as to enforce social distancing out in the public. The drones are equipped with devices that measure body temperature, read heart rates, and detect sneezing and coughing from almost 200 feet away. Using these drones can also be useful in getting to remote or difficult places that would be otherwise hard for actual police officers to get to.

While in other countries, drones are being used to deliver important tools used for testing. Yahoo News states that the country of Ghana has around 834 confirmed infections and nine deaths but with the delivery of important tools and medicine, the country will be able to safely use these tools to combat the virus.

In the future, we may find new advantages or disadvantages brought on from using these drones to combat the epidemic but for now, they might be one of our most useful tools in this pandemic.