My quarantine adventures in makeup



I think almost everyone can agree quarantine has been a very interesting time, and we’ve all needed to find new activities to keep us occupied, so I choose makeup. I’ve always found makeup to be very interesting and fun to look at, but until now, I never really had the time to learn to use it. Everything I have learned to do thus far I’ve learned from my friends and I’ve taught myself. 

I always start by shaving my face if I have to, then using moisturizer to help to keep my skin from drying out. After I moisturize, I go in with some oil reducing primer to keep my skin from breaking out and help keep the base of my makeup smooth. 

I then proceed to use my 2 in 1 foundation and concealer, although I would recommend getting both foundation and concealer separately. I dot the foundation onto my skin, then use my damp beauty blender to buff it into my skin. After that, I would usually go in with a concealer, but I did not have a concealer at the time I recorded this. After foundation, I use powder to set my face. 

Once I’m done with the base of my face, I start on my eyes and eyebrows. I first put eyeshadow primer onto my eyes so that my eyeshadow won’t crease. I start my eyebrows by combing them with my eyebrow spoolie, then I go in with my eyebrow gel. You can also use an eyebrow pencil, but I find that harder to use for beginners. After brows, I do my eyeshadow. I usually either do just a shimmery eye or I go in with gold. To finish off the eyes, I use mascara, which I also find to be the hardest step with my eyes. 

At this point, I was just beginning to learn how to contour, now I have learned a few other techniques for contour that seem to work better. The next steps are usually my favorite to do: highlighter and blush. I put highlighter usually wherever I want, then I go in with blush. 

After blush comes lipstick, and when I do lipstick, I usually like to make it more bold. Some of my favorites to use are purples, blues, plums, and reds. Though, I will occasionally use a nude or pink color if I have gone with a bold eye look. The final step is to use setting spray to keep everything in place and fanning my face to help it dry.

Moisturizer, primer, foundation, beauty blender, powder(Ethan Johnstone)
Eyebrow spoolie, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow pallet(Ethan Johnstone)
Contour pallet, blush pallet, highlighter stick, lipstick(Ethan Johnstone)
Setting spray and fan(Ethan Johnstone)