Outer Banks Review


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Outer Banks is a very fun exciting show on Netflix that will fill you up with wanting more.

It is based out of Outer Banks, North Carolina, and it is about these teenagers who go on a real life treasure hunt and look for gold that washed up on a ship several thousands of years ago. The main character John Buckerutledge is an only child who lives on the bad side of town where he is constantly working and doesn’t have very much money. His father was also in search of the gold from the royal merchant but was never found at sea a couple months before they were introduced to the cast and their lives.

Outer Banks is a great action-packed show with a lot of plot twists and that Sarah Cameron is very pretty.”

— Senior, Sam Fernholz

John B’s best friend JJ calls him. His life is terrible and that’s the best outcome of what his life is like, his father is abusive after his mother left them. His life is very hard, and he kind of has an anger problem. He tends to punch things or people quite a bit.

Their other best friend, who is a guy, is Pope. His dad is the main grocery store delivery person and very loved and well known on the island. Pope is very smart. He is up for a scholarship with only three other kids in America to go to any college they please, for free.

Lastly the final person in the group Kiara is a rich girl but doesn’t like the way that they live life so she is best friends with the boys and she basically is one of the guys. They are called the Pogues because they live on the poor side of the island and the Kooks are the rich and always blame the Pogues for the wrongdoing on the island. John B. likes one of the Kooks. Her name is Sarah Cameron, daughter of the famous Wade Cameron who is a well known realtor on the island. They start looking for the long lost treasure and come up with some very big problems from other people finding it. It is a very exciting thrilling TV series, and I would highly recommend watching it. 

I would highly recommend [this show] because it is my favorite TV series on Netflix. I watched it all in one day!”

— Davante Bryant

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