How is Minnesota going to recover and reopen from this?

Govenor Walz is making more steps into the direction of Minnesota reopening.

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Govenor Walz is making more steps into the direction of Minnesota reopening.

Minnesota is currently a hotspot for COVID-19 especially in the St.Cloud area. Stearns County currently, as of May 21st, has 1,831 cases and 11 deaths.  Many of these cases have come from the meat processing plants such as Pilgrim’s Pride and Jenny-O. All the workers from those meat processing plants are currently being tested for the virus in order to move further with the plans for those plants.

The stay at home order for Minnesota has been extended many times. First it was going to be lifted on May 4th but then it got pushed back to May 18th. This has made many small business owners upset because they aren’t able to open back up and that could cause a lot of small businesses to close. Some of those businesses have been saying they will open without permission because if they don’t their businesses will go under and they will lose the business they worked so hard for.

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Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store opened up this week with over 200 customers inside.

Minnesota’s largest candy store which is located in Jordan opened the other day and had 200 customers inside of the store! This infuriated many small business owners who had remained close due to orders and lost a lot of money in the process of quarantine. In this Kare11 article, they included an interview from a small business Karen Lewis who is the co-owner of Ficus and Fig located in Burnsville. In this interview, she stated how frustrating this was, and after the candy store opened they decided they will open their doors for business as well. She also included more of her opinions and feelings in the article which is linked here.

On Monday other businesses such as dentist offices, veterinarian offices, and elective surgeries can finally begin and take place. Elective surgeries are often the lifeline of hospitals, they are what keep them running and going since there are so many of them nowadays. But with these businesses opening up, extra safety precautions have to be taken, and N95 mask and PPE supplies have had an increased production number which allows those businesses to safely open up. Governor

Walz did say this is a “calculated risk” but it is what needs to happen in the steps leading up to Minnesota opening and recovering from this unexpected closure. Many nurses have expressed their frustrations and concerns about Minnesota opening up so fast and allowing large gatherings. Nurses also are frustrated because allowing elective surgeries to begin leaves nurses wondering when they should use the N95 masks versus the standard masks that put them at risk for the virus.

Minnesota Nurses Association is worried about elective surgeries affecting proper PPE and protection(Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

The Minnesota Nurses Association was interviewed by StarTribune where in this article one nurse stated “Continuing this crisis of standard PPE use while adding nonessential surgeries will result in needless infections and death of patients and workers.”

Governor Walz had a press conference last Wednesday at 6 pm where he announced on May 18th the stay at home order for Minnesota will be lifted. The day he announced the state at home order would be lifted was the same day that Minnesota had reached a total of 6,700 positive tested cases. He also announced that churches can only have 10 people max inside, retailers should work at 50% capacity, and this order is is still allowing group gatherings with 10 people or less. But with this announcement, restaurants, gyms, salons, barber shops, etc. aren’t allowed to open until June 1st.

Also, the Minnesota State Board of Education banned all in person graduations even those outside or in gyms which would let students be spaced out. This has been devastating news to many seniors.

Class of 2020, We did it! (Kylie Reisinger)

Minnesota is going to have a long recovery to get back to how it used to be. Businesses have been closed for almost two months now losing business, customers, and money. As all businesses and places can reopen some won’t be opening and especially small family-owned businesses because this virus and stay at home order wiped them out.