Abdi Sharif found dead near river in Des Moines


photo taken via oregonoptimist.com under the creative commons license

Abdi Sharif’s family has some answers now that they’ve found their son’s body.

 Abdullahi “Abdi” Sharif, a 18 year old boy who attends Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa has been missing since leaving his Target shift on January 17th.  His body was found on May 4th.  

He was about to go home and was kidnapped by somebody and went missing and there was no trace of where he had gone. But then they had pinged his phone and found a little clue to help find him and return him to his family. They went to the location where his phone was pinged and there was nothing there and nobody in sight. Kayakers were traveling down the river when they noticed the dead body near Prospect Park. The lead police officer on the task force stated: “That was pretty close to the spot where Abdi’s phone had last pinged.”

The police stated that there was a “lack of video evidence” but there was still some video of him before he went missing. The police also said that what he was doing was “very out of character for him” saying that whatever he was doing was not something that he normally does. Google Maps indicated it’s about a 80 minute walk from Merle Hay Mall where he was last seen to where his body was found. The police stated that where the body was found they searched many times before but since the water was frozen over and the conditions were not favorable and that nobody could see him from on the water or from the banks. The police also stated, “We were hoping that the longer it went on, the chances were greater that we would find him alive somewhere and there would be some sort of explanation.”

The family of Abdi set up a GoFundMe page to help support his family.