Elon Musk taking Tesla out of California


photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

Elon Musk, creator of Space X and Tesla, may take his car producing factory out of CA because the county he is in has strict COVID restrictions.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, as well as a few other tech companies, announced on May 9th that he is moving Tesla operations away from California, stating the reason for the sudden move as being due to “oppressive coronavirus restrictions.” Musk stated that he wants to move out of the main Tesla manufacturing plant located in Fremont, California, located about forty miles outside of San Francisco, in the Bay Area. 

Musk stated two possible locations for new Tesla operations include another facility in Nevada (Tesla batteries are already manufactured outside of Reno, NV), and a not yet known location in Texas, both of which are described by Elon as “more freedom friendly.”

Elon Musk did not stop there, he also filed a lawsuit against Alameda County which governs Fremont, where Tesla is currently located. Elon stated on Twitter that the Interim Health Officer for Alameda County, Erica Pan,  is “unelected” and “incompetent,” and that “She is acting contrary to our governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms, and just plain common sense.”

Elon Musk also pointed out that the neighboring county, San Joaquin County, has acted “sensible” and “reasonable,” as manufacturers across the state were allowed to resume operations on Friday, after an announcement from Governor Gavin Newsom. However, Alameda County has chosen to still enforce the manufacturing moratorium, which they can do at the county level. 

This leaves Tesla in a state of limbo, being allowed by the state to reopen and resume manufacturing and shipping cars again, while strict enforcement of county ordinances prevent any work from being done, until Alameda County decides to retract the county ordinance and let manufacturers get back to work again.