Some sports are eyeing a return in the near future


Courtney Kosloski

When will we be able to go to sporting events again?

The coronavirus pandemic is taking the world by storm taking out sports, group gatherings and keeps many people from seeing their relatives.

One of the biggest impacts in the United States is the postponement of sports until further notice. Many people are talking about having the sports return without fans, but some say that would defeat the purpose of playing the game because feeding off the crowd gives players energy and momentum.

Dr. Nate Favini, the lead doctor at Forward Health Care Services, says that he doesn’t believe that the sports will return anytime this year. He believes that it won’t be back up and running with fans and everything until later in 2021. Many other doctors have the same input on what they believe will happen with sports for the remainder of the year. 

Some say that it is way too risky and could possibly start another outbreak and cancel it for longer. Others say that if they have tests every couple days just to make sure everyone is healthy, and it’s okay to play then why do it with no fans. 

Nascar is going to be the first to start back up. They are eyeing a start nearing as close as two weeks away. Then they are thinking Major League Baseball will start June 1st and the regular season will start early July. NFL is still staying on track for the start of the year for early September and having training camps still late July early August. Many sports are eyeing a return in the near future but is it the the right thing to do?