Drew Brees says YES to two more years in football (on TV)


Maddux Hagy

Football is a favorite sport for many.

Drew Brees, the legendary quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, decided to continue and play two more years in the NFL.

He was considering retirement since he is in his 40’s and already holds some of the NFL’s most prestigious awards like the Most Passing Yards in NFL history and the most touchdown passes in NFL history.

Drew Brees will always have a starting quarterback position in the NFL until the day he retires. But he’s not quite ready for that just yet. He just signed a contract with NBC Sports that he will announce and broadcast NFL games. He got a contract for NBC Sports that states that they will negotiate a contract and make sure that he is locked up only commentating NBC Sports games and only football games.

This is big news for football fans around the nation because it will make games more interesting by having Drew Brees commentating while you are watching football games on Sunday. This is also very exciting to Drew Brees that even if he doesn’t broadcast or commentate, he has a very large impact on the football community. It is great for him because he is creating a long impact on the sports world after his playing days are over.

I’m a very big fan of football and sports, so to have him commentating on games on Sunday is going to be very cool to listen to.