Places to visit this summer after quarantine

Minnesota summers are going to look very different this summer, but check out these amazing places to visit.

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Minnesota summers are going to look very different this summer, but check out these amazing places to visit.

Summer is some of the best three months out of the year. It’s always hot outside, it gets darker later, the lakes are open, and you get tan. But this summer might be a little different due to the situation we are in currently.

There are many places to visit in Minnesota during the summer besides the lakes, there are many state parks and attractions. If you are interested in being outdoors and learning more about our history then Split Rock Lighthouse in Duluth is just for you.

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A beautiful picture of The Split Rock Lighthouse in Duluth Minnesota.

The Split Rock Lighthouse is just south-west of Silver Bay and is a very historic sight to see.

The lighthouse was retired in 1969; however, it then became the focal point for The Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. I have been to the park myself, and it was so interesting to see the lighthouse and to learn about all of the histories behind it. The climb and walk up to the lighthouse are also very scenic which adds to the beauty of the lighthouse. Guided tours of the lighthouse are also provided for $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, veterans, and active military, and college students, $7 for children 5-17, and free for children  under 4

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A picture of a tourist on the shore of Lake Superior with Split Rock Lighthouse in the background.

The lighthouse isn’t the only historical place you can visit. While at the park you can also visit the restored lighthouse keepers house, oil house, and the fog building. For more information, you can visit the official website for the national park.


Another very common place for people to visit in Minnesota is Valleyfair. Valleyfair is an amusement park in Shakopee, MN. Valleyfair is a very popular place to go during the summer because of all of the fun rides including the waterpark Soak City.

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Soak City’s Ripple Rapids which is one of the 2 lazy rivers.

Soak City is built in the middle of Valleyfair and includes five waterslides, two lazy rivers, and also some smaller splash pads for little kids. Pictures and more information about Soak City can be found on Valleyfair’s website. 

Besides Soak City Valleyfair also offers multiple other rides ranging from huge and tall rollercoasters to smaller rollercoasters and rides for kids of all ages. Valleyfair has many popular rides but some of the most popular are Wild Thing, Renegade, Steel Venom, Excaliber, and The Xtreme Swing. These rides are made for people who love adrenaline and are very brave.

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The Wild Thing Ride at Valleyfair.

The Wild Thing is a rollercoaster that has a 207-foot drop; it reaches speeds up to 74 miles per hour! The rollercoaster is a fan favorite due to all of the drops and the sharp curves that make this ride thrilling but enjoyable at the same time. This video shows a first-person view of riding the Wild Thing.

Another very popular ride for thrillseekers is Steel Venom.

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Steel Venom’s Main Entrance at Valleyfair.

Steel venom is a unique ride because it accelerates riders in four seconds from 0 mph to 68 mph! That is crazy. The ride has two 185 foot vertical spikes going back and forth and reaching the top of both spikes on the last pass. The video I linked is a pov of steel venom from the front seat and really shows how scary and thrilling this unique ride is!

Let’s get into more of the scenic spots to visit in Minnesota. Bay Lake is a breathtaking place to visit in the summer.

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People fishing off the dock on Bay Lake.

Bay Lake Township is a very gorgeous and relaxing town that is only home to around 900 people. Bay Lake is home to a beautiful resort called Rutgers Bay Lake Lodge.  It is a cute cabin lodge and is located right on the lake.

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A beautiful lakeside view at Ruttger’s Lodge

Rutgers offers many activities that adults and kids can both participate in such as a summer camp for kids called Kid’s Kamp and golfing and a spa for adults. Lodging at the resort includes cabins, Bay Lake Villas, Jane’s cottage, Elsie’s cottage, and more. The lodging prices vary from the different types of lodges and cottages and those prices can be found on Rutger’s website.

Itasca State Park is a classic sport for Minnesotans to visit any time of the year but summer is its a prime season.

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Mississippi headwaters which is one of the most popular sites to see.

Itasca State Park is Minnesota’s largest state park and is known for the Mississippi Headwaters. There are many things to do at the park: hiking, camping, fishing, and even watersports. The park is home to 200 campsites which you can reserve and rent for a certain amount of days and all the fares are listed on Minnesota’s DNR website. The state park is also home to the historic Douglas Lodge. The lodge contains guest rooms, meeting rooms, a dining room, and a lobby. You can stay in the Douglas Lodge but it is fairly pricy,   states that one night in a room with one queen bed, and a room with two queen beds are both 150 dollars a night and 900 dollars a week if you want to stay in the Four Season Suites. You can also stay in the Douglas Lodge Suites or the Douglas Lodge Fourplex that are less expensive but still good quality places to stay. That is more pricy than staying in one of the campsites, but you’re paying for the quality. Pets, however, aren’t allowed in any of the Itasca lodging facilities, but they are allowed at the campsites.

Minnesota is such a beautiful place to live in and visit. There are so many wonderful places that you can visit that I didn’t list but you can find some more amazing places on either of these two websites I have linked below.

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Let’s hope we get to have an amazing summer and go explore our beautiful home state that has so many  unique parks and more.