Is your budget not loving the lead up to the ball?

Prom is not the most financially friendly event, so I am going to go on a hunt to make prom just as enjoyable for your budget as it is for the event itself.

Even with this whole quarantine thing going on because of the Covid-19, prom is still in the plans for Sartell. It has not officially been canceled yet. 

Ladies, there is no better time than a global pandemic to practice your perfect at-home makeup and on point nails! 

The excitement all starts with a dress and as we all know they are a pretty penny. This year I have already purchased my dress at Rush Boutique in Saint Cloud. The dress I got looks like a value of $600, but I got it for a bargain price of $200 just because it was secondhand. There are many other places you can go to around the area like Celebrations Bridal and FormalWear in Saint Cloud and their prices range from $200-$600.  Carrie Johnson Bridal in Saint Cloud has prices ranging from $200-$700.  Macy’s in Saint Cloud has prices from $100-$300.  ApricotLane in the CrossRoads Mall in Saint Cloud said their dresses are around $300.  Then lastly Rush Boutique in Saint Cloud said their prices range from $100-$300. A dress is not complete without glass slippers. You can find dress shoes anywhere, and I’m sure there are some DIY’s you can do to make your shoes more personalized. 

The excitement is just beginning – you have your dress.  Now you need to think make-up.  If you are anything like me,  you might not know a lot about makeup and maybe don’t really know how to do it that well.  But you are in luck.  You do not need high-quality makeup or high-quality makeup tools, just use what you are comfortable with.

When you do your makeup it’s will bring your prom look from bibbity bobbity to bibbity bobbity bam!   I’m going to give you a little insight on how to do your full face of makeup to make your Cinderella dreams come true.

With that being said, in the video below you can tell I am no makeup artist, so the look I went for was more natural with a twist of sparkle because I don’t know about you, but I still want to look like myself even when I have my makeup on.

If you are looking to do more of a dramatic look I would wing out your eyeliner a little more and use more of a heavy contour than I did. The thing with more contour is that you have to BLEND!!! Or it will look like you are wearing a mask and no one wants a harsh line. Also hair goes with makeup but I do not think it is fair for me to post a video on how to do my hair because everyone is different in the way their hair is. My best advice for you is to do what you think looks good and just rock it!  


Sydni Scherr
Sydni Scherr The spray on your left is a morning thing that I always prep my face with.  Then you have your eye roller to darken up your dark spots under your eyes, Then you have the green bottle and that is just a color corrector to get rid of red spots on your face. I treat it like a primer because it puts a barrier between my face and makeup


Sydni Scherr On the far left you have your beauty blender (used for foundation and powders), next is the contour brush, then it’s the smaller contour brush for places like your nose, next you have a fluffy brush you can use for anything but I use it for highlighter, lastly, you have your brow spool and a little brush (just for taking any excess brow makeup off).
Sydni Scherr The first one on the far left is eye primer (Makes your eye shadow last longer), next is foundation (makes where your face is one color and even throughout and if it is not working out just blend into your neck, ears, and hairline).  Then you have your contour compact: the pink shade is blush and the dark shade is contour (just supposed to make a shadow effect to make your cheekbones pop). Lastly, you have a lighter powder compact (supposed to help with the shadow effect and complement your contour). Using these, it will make your face look really cakey really fast so just remember a little goes a long way.










Sydni Scherr Make-up eye brushes: the first one on the left is to get your first base color onto eyelid, the next one is for your pop of color. The tall one is for blending that pop of color and base coat together to make it more natural. The next one is for packing your sparkle on. The second to last brush is for your eye liner, the far right one is to add any little touch of color or sparkle to make your eyes pop.







Mascara (To make eye lashes fuller and darker), Highlighter (To brighten up the high points on your face), Brow Compact (To make brows darker and fuller), Setting Spray (To keep your full face of makeup looking newer than ever)
Sydni Scherr Mascara is for making eye-lashes fuller and darker.  The Highlighter is for brightening up the high points on your face. The brow compact is for making brows darker and fuller. Setting Spray is for keeping your full face of makeup looking newer than ever.






Sydni Scherr Eye Shadow (to bring a pop of color and sparkle), Eye Liner (to bring mystery to your eyes)











Most girls love to get their nails done but do not want to spend an arm and a leg for it. If you have nice, healthy nails and you feel confident painting them, by all means, please do so. But once again if you are anything like me where you have short nails and do not feel comfortable painting them, well you are in luck!

Thankfully places like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens are still open through the whole quarantine, and they all have glue on nails that cost no more than $10 and in the video below it will walk you through on how to get them on and look on point for your prom.   


Sydni Scherr


Bottom line is wherever you go to get your dress or however you decide on doing your makeup, hair, and nails, just know you are beautiful just the way you are without any of that stuff.

Remember to have fun at prom, and I will bibbity bobbity boo you to the dance floor…and of course, the magic that happens at prom will wear off when the night comes to an end but the memory will forever be in your heart.