iHeart Radio hosts a living room concert


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IHeart Radio Awards Logo for 2020

The IHeart Radio Awards is one of the biggest events in the music industry. Artists from almost every genre of music are nominated for awards and are credited for their amazing music and all of their hard work. Due to the virus, the concert was sadly canceled, but that didn’t stop the artists from having a concert live-streamed on tv for fans at home.

I love music and was looking forward to seeing the awards this year, so I tuned in to the concert.  This is my recap and review of the Iheart Radio’s Living Room Concert special.

The concert was streamed on Fox and was hosted by Elton John. This one-hour special was also presented to raise money for charities helping during the hard times we are experiencing. I was most excited to see Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes because they are some of my favorite artists.

The special kicked off with Alicia Keys and then was followed by the Backstreet Boys.  The Backstreet Boys came together from different homes and performed their hit song “I Want It That Way,” which my mom loved since they are one of her favorites.

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The Backstreet Boys at the IHeart Radio Awards Last Year

The group put on a very fun and entertaining performance even though they were all separated due to social distancing of course. The band along with most of the other performers are donating money to the First Responder’s Children Foundation and also Feeding America. They are all donating due to all of the struggles some families are facing currently.

Then after another performance, it was time for my favorite artist Billie

Billie Eilish Album of the year cover

Eilish and her brother Finneas.  They performed her hit song “Bad Guy.” I loved her acoustic performance! It was acoustic it gave viewers a chance to see how unique and special her voice is. Her performance was very laidback but it was still amazing just like all of the other performances I have seen from her. It was also her anniversary of releasing “Bad Guy” which went platinum five times!! She is very successful especially for only being 17 years old.


After Billie’s performance, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello were performing her new hit song “My Oh My.” Camila and Shawn are a couple and have been since they released their song “Senorita.”

During this performance, Shawn was playing the guitar and Camila was singing the acoustic version of her hit song. Before starting their performance, they had talked about how they have been social distancing and also encouraging people to stay home and donate to charities if it is possible. They also thanked first responders for all of their hard work during this hard time.

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Tim McGraw pictured at the benefit concert for the NICU.

Many other performances were very enjoyable, Tim McGraw performed one of his hit songs ” Something Like That” from his backyard. Demi Lovato also gave an inspirational message before her heartfelt performance of “Skyscraper” which is one of her most popular songs and fits with everything the world is going through right now. Elton John also sat down and video chatted with Lizzo. They talked about how much they loved each other and their music. Elton John also sang one of Lizzo’s hit songs “Juice” and then Lizzo thanked Elton for all of his music and how it has impacted her and her family.

The IHeart Radio Living Room Concert was filled with amazing performances from many artists and also many inspirational messages as well. The ones I listed above are just the ones that I loved the most.

I loved the idea that IHeart came up for the awards this year; it was so entertaining and fun to watch. My mom and I watched it together, and she also loved the concert, though she didn’t appreciate Mariah Carey’s performance at all. She loved the rest.

Overall, it was an amazing special that Fox and IHeart put on, and I encourage all of you if you have Hulu or can rewatch Fox’s specials to tune in and watch the concert. It is worth the watch!!