Need some good news? Tune into John Krasinski’s YouTube channel


Emma Zenzen

The Office’s Jim is now on YouTube spreading love and kindness.

One of the main stars of the hit show The Office, John Krasinski also known as Jim, has started a YouTube channel called Some Good News.

He is trying to bring some light to people who are stuck at home worrying about what’s going to happen next. He brings them good news going on in the world. He started his latest episode showing clips of people in Spain surrounding the hospitals and clapping and honking, showing their support for all the hard work and dedication during these terrible times.

He then went on to interview Steve Carell and ask him what’s going on in his upcoming movie and asking him how life is following this outbreak. He talks about their favorite memories from their time together acting during The Office, and they shared many laughs and smiles which is good for viewers to see during this time in the world.

After his meeting with Steve Carell, he goes on to share a story about a girl who just finished her last round of chemotherapy and on her way home, people were lined up in the streets waiting to cheer her on and show her that she was never alone in this battle with cancer. After giving the background story, John interviews her and tells her that she is an inspiration to everyone in the world and that she is John Krasinski’s newest hero.

This is a very positive and very effective channel and a very relaxing show to watch to just help bring people into a happier mood and get their mind off what’s actually going on in the world.