Don’t cancel your sports provider just yet


Basketball players holding NBA finals trophy

Many people in the world buy what is called the “Sports Package” from your select television provider.  It allows you to get all the sports programs you could have on your television for a fee of however much money it is a month.

But since there are no sports on due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the sports programs are providing something worth watching for viewers so they don’t quit the sports program.  Quitting might make sense because you would be paying money for nothing on those channels. 

BUT the sports program has decided to rerun some of the best sports games in the past decade showing amazing games you wouldn’t see just played on regular cable. They have been playing Super Bowls since four years ago and basketball games from 2010 to help satisfy the viewers and hope that they stick by their side and keep paying for the sports program.

It is a very neat and smart idea for the programs to use to help them keep some of the viewers and still have money coming in for their business. It’s very hard for a program that is based completely around sports to be thriving right now.  It would be hard also to keep bringing in the necessary amount of money to help keep employees on staff and not entirely plummeting to the ground.