2020 Tokyo Olympics may be on hold

2020 Tokyo Olympics may be on hold

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The Olympic Games is one of the biggest broadcast sporting events that takes place every two years. Athletes train hard just to hope to make it into the events that take place. The Olympics is a place where people from around the world connect to other people of all different races and ethnicities.  The Olympics brings people together doing the sport they love with all they have.

The Olympic games this year were supposed to be held in Tokyo, Japan which houses over 13,942,856 people. So many athletes had been relentlessly training and preparing for July 24-Aug 9 to showcase all of their hard work. But due to Covid-19, many athletes’ hard work and dreams have been crushed. There would’ve been way too many people who would have attended the games which would’ve spread the illness more easily and very quickly. The world can’t afford to risk spreading this illness even more than it already has been.

I personally have grown up watching the Olympics and I couldn’t imagine not watching it.  It’s something I look forward to every two years. I can’t even imagine working and training your whole life to finally get a huge chance to showcase your hard work and talents, and then have it taken away from you out of nowhere.

According to an article, USA Today wrote about the postponement,  “It also figures to cause headaches and heartaches across the international sports community–for federations and leagues that must now adapt their schedules, and for the 11,000 athletes who had spent years training to compete this summer.”

Some athletes have responded to the postponing of the games using online platforms. Teddy Riner who is a double Olympic super-heavyweight judo champion stated on the Instagram post “See you in 2021, Tokyo. First, we have a more important fight to win.”

Britain’s 200m world champion Dina Asher-Smith also posted an upbeat positive message on her Instagram page, the post stated “#Tokyo2021. Same fire, new dates. Stay at home and stay safe everyone xxx.”

Tom Daley who is a two-time Olympic diving medalist from London stated on his Instagram page that “His body would feel being another year older, but he promises to work his tail off to make Great Britan as proud as he can when the time comes.”

Overall the postponing of the Olympics games was a shock, but it was what needed to be done to keep the world safe and healthy and also combat Covid-19. Hopefully, in 2021 the athletes will be all fired up and ready to go.

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