The Quarantine Diaries: Day 4


Jordan Wenshau

This puzzle is another way my family and I have been keeping busy. I finished it in about one day.

I finally got out of my house today. I was feeling trapped; there are only so many places to go inside my house so I just drove around with my little brother. Even that small bit of time away from home was totally refreshing. After I got home though, I was back to my same routine. There were no chores to do today, so I have even more time on my hands and still no plans of what to do with it. My mom had a great idea of how to beat the boredom. It also happens to be today’s challenge. I’ll ask you a series of questions and all of your answers must begin with the first letter of your last name. Try it with your family members and see who can answer the fastest. 🙂 Good luck and enjoy!

  1. An animal – Worm
  2. A girl’s name – Wendy
  3. A boy’s name – Walter
  4. A color – White
  5. A food – Walnuts
  6. Something in your house – Window
  7. A word to describe someone – Withered
  8. A drink – Water
  9. A body part – Waist
  10. A state – Washington
  11. A profession – Welder
  12. A hobby – Waterskiing


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