The Quarantine Diaries: Day 1


Jordan Wenshau

My brother and I beating boredom in our dad jams with timer pictures.

Good morning everyone. It is day one of “Social Distancing,” which we all know really means quarantine. Today I simply sat in my dad jams, drank an iced coffee that would rock your world, and watched The Office with my little brother. I know that after a few days of this, however, I will likely go insane from boredom. I’ve decided that each day of the quarantine, I will challenge myself and whoever reads this to do something creative. Today’s challenge is to write a short story that must include these words: Planks, Rain, Gloom, Bubble, Open, Ring, Ice. You can read my short story below 🙂 Have fun! 


The sun had long ago disappeared behind grey clouds, casting a gloomy mood on the day. Ice snaked through her veins as she was struck with the realization that she was alone. He was never coming back, and it was her fault. As her eyes welled over with hot tears, the sky opened up and released the inevitable rain. She stood anchored to the pier, unable to move as torrents of rain beat at the planks under her feet. Clenched in her left hand was her ring, now a painful reminder of what she had just lost. Bubbling up in her chest, a sob escaped her as she collapsed to the ground and was overcome with loss.

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