Humans of Sartell: Quarantine Edition


March 23, 2020


“My parents have me quarantined in my house for 14 days with 3 rules:

1. Wake up at 10 am for absolutely no reason at all

2. Complete 1 hour of physical exercise before 5 pm

3. No one is allowed outside unless it is for a walk/ run. In this case, you must maintain 6 feet away from anyone who is not a family member

And no I am not exaggerating. I decided to use the little power I have and retaliated by dying my hair pink. Love you mom and dad:)”





“I am taking this time off school to acquire some real-life duties…

starting with doing my own laundry.”








“I’ve been working on my Tik Tok career.”









“Just a girl and her quarantined sister trying to have a nice sit-down meal.”










“I’ve been going to church a lot, you know, reading the bible.”







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