How is technology in classrooms effecting students?


Photo via Tessa B. Corric under the creative commons license

Kids using technology in the class room can have it's pros and cons.

Technology is everywhere you look today, from computers, smart tv’s, iphones, and to the Mac Books all students at Sartell High School have and cherish.

Technology today during this generation is huge in classrooms and their everyday curriculums. It can help students, but it can also harm them just as much as it helps them.

Let’s take a look at some statistics of technology and schools. Today 97% of teachers have at least one computer in their classroom which makes sense because they need to use the grade book, do attendance, etc. The average computer to student ratio in classrooms today is 5.3 to 1.  Take that ratio and look at the effect it would have on a classroom of 30 kids. Our Mac Books can help us in class, but they can also be just as harmful.  Many of our assignments are online through Schoology and other websites which means we use our laptops to complete them. But many students often resort to playing computer games or watching tv shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Technology can help make classroom activities.  An example of that is if students need to do a worksheet, they can complete it on their laptop instead of making copies on paper and them doing it that way. In some ways including technology in the classroom can create a more engaged environment.  Using a laptop like we have or an ipad like they use in the other schools can make learning activities more fun and get more students to be motivated to participate in the activity. Having technology in the classroom also incorporates new learning styles into the classroom. It can be difficult to make a different lesson plan that is fit for every student and their strengths, but with technology, students can do an assignment or project the way they want to and the way that they enjoy the most. It also helps you connect with your students because it can be very challenging to connect with students and create a bond with them. According to a recent survey, 84% of teachers reported that they use the internet once a week to find new content that will engage students in the classroom via.

Technology in classrooms does have its cons as well, one of these being it introduces excessive screen time almost every day. There have been many concerns that excessive screen time can cause eye damage. In a recent study conducted by San Diego University psychologist Dr.Jean Twenge and University of Georgia psychology professor Dr. Keith W. Campbell found that adolescents who spend 7 or more hours a day on screens were twice as likely as those who spend only one hour a day on screens to have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.  Cheating is a huge con of having technology in the classroom. It introduces many more ways to cheat on tests, assignments, and quizzes. Students can copy and paste their work onto other classmate’s assignments, and also do the same for papers, but has been combatting plagrism on assignments which is a huge help to teachers. The last con is it can have a lot of distractions to students, on almost every single website there are ads and pop-ups that students will see and become distracted. But students can also download games or play them on the internet during lessons or tests. I myself have seen a lot of students playing games in the classroom, and I think this is the biggest con of introducing technology in the classroom.

Technology is such a new and improving topic that is changing every single day.  New updates come out or new devices come out which causes us to go out and buy them. But technology in the classroom has its cons and its pros just like everything else does. It can help students become more engaged in class, make lessons more interesting, and can help teachers connect with students easier. But it can also be a huge distraction to students in class, can expose students to excessive screen time, and condones cheating and makes it easier to cheat. What’s your opinion about having so much technology in classrooms nowadays?

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