Climate change has a lasting effect on wildlife

Climate change is affecting the world in many ways.

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Climate change is affecting the world in many ways.

Kylie Reisinger, Journalism

Climate change is a problem that is taking on the world by a landslide.  Every day it is getting worse and causing more damage. Animals are most affected by all of the damage that is being done as it is destroying their habitat and where they are found. There are 4 species who are currently being very affected by climate change in terrible ways.

1: Polar Bears 

Polar bears have greatly been affected by the climate change epidemic. Polar Bears are mostly found in the Arctic Sea which is made of snow and ice but climate change is causing the earth to warm which in turn is destroying their habitat. In a previous story featuring polar bears Steven Amstrup, a chief scientist for polar bears said “Some previous media reports have suggested that this means they could come ashore and eat terrestrial foods and be fine…We have no evidence of that.”  That being said if they don’t get help now they could be gone forever

photo via flickr under the creative commons license
Polar bear habitat is dwindling daily because the earth is warming.

2: Adelie Penguins

Adelie penguins are also one of the many species who call the arctic sea home.  Along with the polar bears they are also facing the risk of their home and natural habitat being destroyed. But the main problem they are faced with is that the main food source that they live off of called “Krill” which are tiny crustaceans live on the undersides of ice sheets. Since climate change is causing the earth its self to heat up this is causing the krill to then be killed because the ice is melting away. When the krill runs out in one area this causes the penguins to migrate further and further using more energy which then makes breeding and hatching harder, which then causes fewer babies to be born which could lead to the extinction of this breed in the end.

Photo from flickr under creative commons license
Adelie penguins are one of the many species who live in the artic that are being forced to migrate due to the earth warming

3: Acropora Cervicornis

Photo VIa flickr under the creative commons license

This is a type of coral, and coral is classified as a type of animal. But this is just one of the types of coral that is being damaged and killed due to the climate change epidemic. This coral is getting the most damage due to the ocean waters warming.  It’s warming because the earth’s temperature is changing and getting warmer. Coral are very sensitive to water changes, and the tiniest change can trigger a whole colony of it to die off. This coral used to be found all over and around the Caribbean but now it is restricted to only a few areas.


4: The Golden Toad

Photo via flickr under the creative commons license

This species is one of the few species so far to actually become extinct due to climate change. The golden toad lived in mountaintop cloud forests but then those forests disappeared due to drought and other climate changes. One of the other factors of extinction is a fungus that was brought on by climate change that is killing many animals worldwide in all sorts of climates.

Climate change is a huge problem that the world is facing each and every single day.  It needs to be brought up and brought to the attention of future generations so the world can work together to eliminate this problem and help the Earth get healthy again.