Conspiracy Corner: J.K. Rowling is fake

Is J.K. Rowling an actual person or is she just the front for a team of ghostwriters?

Chris R. Herron

Is J.K. Rowling an actual person or is she just the front for a team of ghostwriters?

J.K. Rowling is the creator of the now world known book/movie series Harry Potter as well as the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but what if it’s all a flock, a sham, smoke and mirrors?  Crazy, right?  Not for Norwegian film director Nina Grünfeld. 

Writing for a Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Miss Grunfeld full-heartedly believes that Rowling’s rags to riches story is so outrageous and fantastic that it is in fact a cover-up.  A  cover-up of what, you say? Grunfeld believes that the actual masterminds of the series are in fact a group of ghostwriters who have been working in tandem for years. 

Grunfeld theory states that the amazingly talented writer and author is in fact just a face of an actor portraying a role.  Grunfeld asked a question in her theory: “Is it possible that a person can write six thick books that are translated into 55 languages and sell more than 250 million copies in less than 10 years? Is it probable that the stories then get filmed and commercially exploited to the degree seen here, without any well-thought-out strategy or highly professional players behind them?”

Grunfeld then stated her most prominent question:

Is it possible that J.K. Rowling exists? Well, who do they think they’re kidding? Not me!”

— Nina Grunfeld

Even though Nina’s theory sounds totally bonkers, she has a small but serious backing from fans due solely to her parentage.  She is the daughter of a well-known psychiatrist who was knighted by King Harald of Norway and a Jewish refugee from Slovakia. 

It’s fun to fantasize about such theories, but this one is entirely without facts. We’re parking [Grünfeld’s theory] here and now.”

— Tom Dahl, from Norwegian publishing firm Damm

On the other hand, Norwegian publisher and translator, Torstein Bugge Høverstad, who has translated the Harry Potter books into Norwegian, says that the books offer evidence that just one author is behind them. He notes how it took about three years to get the fourth book finished, and he stated that he sees consistent weaknesses in Rowling’s writing that no group of ghostwriters would have left behind.

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