Upperclassmen share advice as registration quickly approaches


Charlie Monson

This career wheel helps students easily understand what category their potential line of work resides under.

Registering for the upcoming academic year at Sartell High School can be a difficult time for many students, but hearing what older students have to say can make the process at the end of this week a little easier. We surveyed a number of juniors, seniors, and alumni and asked them what they thought about the classes they took in the past with three main questions. 

First, what did students think the most impactful class they took was? The most common answer was band because as Alumni Rachel Asfeld explained, “It got me involved and allowed me to feel like I was meant to be there.”

Some other classes that people found helpful were Living On Your Own, Personal Finance, and Workplace Survival because the people taking them found these classes helped prepare them for life after high school. Art classes like Painting and Ceramics were also suggested because they helped students express their creativity in positive environments. 

Next, we asked about a favorite class they took throughout the years. Some common answers we got were art classes like Painting and Ceramics along with science classes like Chemistry, Anatomy, and Astronomy. Students also enjoyed classes including Automotive Basics, Abnormal Psychology, and Culinary classes. 

Senior Abbi Jacobson told us why Anatomy was her favorite class: “I like the class because it’s informative and fun and actually interesting.” 

Many students wonder whether or not AP and college classes are worth it or not, so we asked a final question about what older students thought about them. Some students said AP and college classes were worth it as long as you were willing to put in the work. They are difficult classes, but if you are willing to do the work, they can help boost your GPA.  They added that it is helpful to make sure with college classes that the credits will transfer to prospective colleges one might attend. 

Alumni Claire Bruland told us about her problem with credits transferring:  “Concordia didn’t end up accepting the credits from SCSU, which sucks because I had to take another chem class that I absolutely despised.”

Other students believed that taking AP classes was not worth it at all, but thought college classes were worth taking. 

Minnie Czech, alumni, explained, “The college-level classes are definitely worth it because it pretty much guarantees college credit as long as you pass the class. The AP classes were [much tougher]. You have to study [a whole lot] to get a 3 or higher on the AP exam in order to get the credit and college is definitely not like that.”

Overall our best advice while registering for classes is to take classes that interest you but also take classes that are outside of your comfort zone. You might find something you like that you didn’t think you would!