Trump’s impeachment trial continues


photo via flickr under the creative commons license

President Trump points to the crowd during a campaign rally in Phoenix, AZ.

On Friday, Senate Democrats continued their arguments the impeachment Trial against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. Republicans defending the President came out strong from the start, arguing with Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff that he “excluded evidence that did not fit Democrats predetermined outcome.” 

The public by this point seems to have lost interest in the impeachment trial. During the Clinton impeachment trial, the public filled the galley above the Senate floor. On Friday, most of the seats sat empty. 

Senator Rand Paul’s explanation was that “28 hours of hearing the same thing over and over again isn’t all that exciting.”

The third day of the impeachment trial begins Monday morning, with Republicans continuing to argue their defense of the President. Closing arguments are expected to take place on Friday.